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Kreshnik Xhiku became part of the first exhibitions in the 80s, and it was seen as one of the artists who would replace the first generation of creators in the medium of sculpture.

After the 90s, Kreshnik Xhiku became one of the most active visual artists, winning three prizes in the "Onufri" visual arts competition and participating twice in the Ankara Biennale.


Kreshnik Xhiku's art mainly belongs to the abstract current, which makes the visitor not to ask what it is, but to enjoy it.Using wood and metal, sometimes textiles accompanied by colors, Xhiku creates structural forms, where the hand of the artist is clearly visible.Wood, for Xhiku, represents warmth and serves as a counterweight to the coldness of metal. Wood is also a connecting element to the sculptor's birthplace, reawakening feelings from childhood when wood was the main heating element.

This way of expression brings the viewer closer, because it creates harmony between fantasy and form, without losing the features of each. With this, the sculptor Xhiku shows that the expression is as clear as it is haunted and that there are no fixed ways of expression. Abstraction allows the artist to go beyond the limiting standards.


His works have been exhibited in many countries in Europe and the USA. Xhiku's sculptures decorate parks and public spaces today. In addition to abstract sculpture,Xhiku's passion is also monumental sculpture. Kreshnik Xhiku has also left his mark on the Memorial that US has raised for its fallen in the Second World War. Xhiku is the author of many public projects, including: the Equestrian Monument in Rochester Hills, MI; Mother Teresa's Monument in Cleveland, OH; Skanderbeg's Monument in London, Great Britain; King Zog I's Monument in Tirana, Albania; Skanderbeg's Monument in Bari, Italy; Dom Simon Filipaj's Monument in Shengjergj, Montenegro; Faik Konica's bust in Tirana, Albania.


Kreshnik Xhiku has participated in many exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe and is the recipient of many awards and prizes.

Academic experience

- Art Consultant at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, 2007 - present
- Instructor of Sculpture/Drawing at Art League School, Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA, 2002 - present
- Sculptor at Gianetti Studio, Brentwod, MD, 2000 - 2005
- Dean of the Faculty of Visual Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Tirana, ALBANIA, 1996 - 1998
- Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tirana, ALBANIA, 1982 - 1996
- Fellowship, Grenoble, FRANCE, 1998
- Fellowship, Athens, GREECE, 1998
- Fellowship, Marseilles and Paris, FRANCE, 1992


​- Graduate studies in Sculpture (MFA), George Mason University, Fairfax, VA - at present
- Post-graduate studies, Academy of Fine Arts, Tirana, ALBANIA, 1986 -1987
- B.A. in Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, Tirana, ALBANIA, 1978 -1982
- Archeological and restoration practice in ancient Butrint, ALBANIA, 1977 - 1978



- First Prize & Commission – King Zog Monument, Tirana, Albania, December 2012
- Commission - Skenderbeu Bust, London, United Kingdom, November 2012
- First Prize & Commission – Mother Theresa Monument, International Gardens, Cleveland, OH, Sept. 2012
- Best in Show (Monkith Saaid Award)  – Art League Show, Alexandria, VA, August 2009
- Sculpture Magazine - features Equestrian Monument (Skenderbeu) Rochester Hills, MI, April 2007
- First Prize - Skenderbeu monument for Skopja Park, Macedonia, February 2006
- First Prize - Skenderbeu monument for Rochester Hills, MI, May 2005
- First Prize - Washington Square Sculpture Show, Washington, DC, August 2004
- Honor member of Technical Education Institute (TEI,) Athens, GREECE, 1998
- National Onufri Prize for Sculpture, ALBANIA ,1997
- National Prize for Gjergh Fishta conquest, ALBANIA, 1996
- National Onufri Prize for Sculpture, ALBANIA, 1993
- National Prize for Sculpture, ALBANIA, 1986
- National Prize for Sculpture, ALBANIA, 1984
- National Prize for Sculpture, ALBANIA, 1977


Outdoor sculptures & collections

- Skenderbeu Bust in bronze, Montecilfone, ITALY
- King Zog Monument in bronze, Tirana, ALBANIA
- Skenderbeu Bust in bronze, London, UNITED KINGDOM
- Totem in marble, City Park Ulqinj, MONTENEGRO
- Mother Theresa Monument in bronze, International Gardens, Cleveland, OH
- Skenderbeu Monument in bronze, Rochester Hills, MI
- Faik Konitza, bust in bronze, National Park in Tirana, ALBANIA
- WWII Martyrs Memorial in bronze, Vrap-Tirana, ALBANIA
- War Obelisk in cement, Helmes-Skrapar, ALBANIA
- Totem, stone, City Park Caraex-Breatgne, FRANCE
- National Gallery of Arts in Tirana, ALBANIA (8 pieces)
- Fan Noli Foundation, Tirana, ALBANIA
- British Embassy in Tirana, ALBANIA
- Prof. Ymer Veshi s private collection, Tirana, ALBANIA
- Prof. Agim Xhiku s collection, Saranda, ALBANIA

a photo of Kreshnik Xhiku

Kreshnik Xhiku is an Albanian-born, award-winning sculptor and art professor. He currently works as an Art Consultant at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA since 2007. He taught sculpture and drawing for 16 years as a professor of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, Albania, where he also served as the Dean of the Visual Arts Academy from 1996 to 1998. Nick has been living in the DC metropolitan area since 2000. He works on sculpture and also teaches drawing, sculpture, and wood and stone carving at the Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia.

Kreshnik Xhiku belongs to a generation of artists who were formed in the early 80s, receiving the best that academic training offered from the elite of creators of that time, who conveyed the artistic influences of the schools where they had studied in Europe.

For the talent that he developed at the Academy of Arts, he was kept as an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, a privilege that was reserved for the most prominent talents.


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