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Andreas Dullnig

"I am a painter of scraps of paint" - Andrea Dullnig


Andreas Dullnig was born on October 25, 1973 in Salzburg. He learned his artistic craft from Prof. Hannes Baier, among others, with whom he completed a 3-year art course. Numerous workshops with artists such as Adi Holzer and Harald Hoppe followed, and philosophical questions about art increasingly influenced the painter's early signature style.

Andreas Dullnig lives and works in Nussdorf am Haunsberg.
In the exhibition "On Land and Water," Andreas Dullnig shows people in their natural surroundings. Here, the artist also critically examines the "selfie culture." An important theme in the painter's creative process, however, is the artistic process and the associated discoveries of new methods within painting.


One of Dullnig's trademarks is the pulsating animation of the canvas. An achievement that the artist achieves through a unique method of layering paint. The picture is reworked with a myriad of self-made snippets of color. This dynamic overlay not only captivates the viewer, but also connects him with the enigmatic, transcendent dimensions of his works of art. Another method that the painter discovered for himself from the creative act is the distortion of the representation using horizontal or horizontal lines.

"I am only satisfied when I manage to free the picture from my original intention and surprise myself in the process."


Andreas Dullnig's works have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Austria and abroad. The most important in 2023 were the exhibition "Mythos Helmut Berger" at the Artur Nikodem Museum and the group exhibition "A Global Dialogue through Art" at the Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing, where Dullnig was exhibited with 6 works. In addition, a work by the painter was included in the state collection of the Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing through a purchase.

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