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Exploring Dual Perspectives: Andreas Dullnig and Gianni Mattu at the Föger Exhibition

From June to September, the exhibition at Föger presents a remarkable opportunity to explore the captivating works of two renowned artists, Andreas Dullnig and Gianni Mattu. This exhibition, "On Land and Water," showcases the distinct yet complementary styles of these celebrated painters, inviting visitors to delve into their creative worlds.

Andreas Dullnig: Pulsating Canvases and Philosophical Depth

Born in Salzburg, Andreas Dullnig's journey through art is marked by profound philosophical inquiries and a distinctive layering technique. His works, characterized by dynamic overlays of self-made color snippets, explore themes of nature and culture, critically examining modern "selfie culture." Dullnig's canvases, with their vibrant pulsations and intriguing distortions, not only captivate viewers but also invite them into a transcendent experience. His recent exhibitions in Austria and China have solidified his reputation, with one of his works entering the collection of the Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing.

Gianni Mattu: Merging Tradition and Innovation

Gianni Mattu, hailing from Sardinia, brings a unique blend of traditional and innovative techniques to his art. Known for his use of diverse materials, from sand to jute sacks, Mattu's works are a tribute to the natural beauty and cultural heritage of his homeland. His expressive pieces, often infused with elements like cork and resin-coated carasau bread, tell the stories of Sardinian life and traditions. Mattu's experimentation with surfaces such as oxidized metal and concrete creates a compelling visual and tactile experience that connects viewers to the essence of his land.

A Unique Artistic Encounter

At the exhibition at Föger, the works of Dullnig and Mattu come together to create a dialogue between the vibrancy of human experience and the timelessness of nature. Visitors will find themselves immersed in a world where the pulse of modernity meets the roots of tradition, each piece a testament to the artists' mastery and vision.

Whether you're drawn to the philosophical layers of Dullnig's canvases or the textured storytelling of Mattu's creations, this exhibition offers a rich exploration of contemporary art. Don't miss this chance to experience the unique interplay of two artistic worlds from June to September at Einrichtungshaus Föger, Pfaffenhofen, Tyrol.



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