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  • Oil on Canvas
  • 50x50cm
  • By: Martine Alison, France
  • Original Artwork with a certificate of authencity


The small bus shelter that seduced Martine Alison in Mauritius has been created… Me, Léo the toucan, I find it very charming!
The bus remains the ideal means of transport to get around the island. Our artist finds it really enriching to immerse herself in the local interaction to immerse herself in the country… it was a great experience for her! Instead of a tourist, she had become one among the others!
My feathered friend, the dodo, clumsy and clumsy, appears very close to the beautiful lady in the hat! Isn't he trendy and stylish with his rapper cap?
If only it could bring him back to life to right the wrongs of man!
We don't just drink rum arranged in Mauritius! In Martine Alison's work, Tintin decided to celebrate his arrival on the island by popping the cork off a bottle of champagne.
Be careful, beautiful little lady, not to sip too much in the shade of the banana trees!!
With the heat, this elixir opens the doors to certain risks... that of losing one's mind and chaining dance steps!...
Martine Alison, in love with this island, took great pleasure in painting this last work.
Emmanuel Kant said: "Art does not want the representation of a beautiful thing but the beautiful representation of a thing". This is a bit of the story of this little bus shelter!


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