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  • Original one of a kind clay sculpture, raku
  •  20 cm high, 12 cm wide, 13 cm deep (8'' high, 4,7'' wide, 5''deep)
  •  Authenticity certificate is included
  • By Elisaveta Sivas
  • Can be delivered by courier with tracking number or DHL/other to your country


It is important to stop identifying ourselves with our Ego, with the voice we hear in our
mind. Because this voice comes from the brain, it is not us. Most of the time this voice is
full of doubts, fears, pain, and uncertainties. Our Trueself is Higher Energy, Creator which is
one and the same for all the humans. Creator is only about love, harmony and wisdom.
When we associate oursleves with our Higher self we start to live our true life, the fears,
doubts and childhood traumatic experiences go away, the Self value stays always with us.
We start creating our life every moment. - Elisaveta Sivas

Living out of mind

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