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Materials: Hahnemühle Fine art Baryta 325grm2 (inkjet print)

Size: 170x70cm , 85x35cm

Media: Photography

Rarity: Limited Edition (2)

Signature: Signed by the artist 

Image Rights: © Pablo Cantatore


In this photograph, we see a person adrift in the vastness of the open ocean. The person's frail silhouette is surrounded by nothing but endless blue, evoking a sense of profound isolation and vulnerability. This image captures the harrowing reality faced by individuals who find themselves alone in the treacherous depths of a humanitarian crisis, where survival becomes a desperate struggle against the elements. The vast expanse of water stretches endlessly, symbolising the enormity of the challenges that confront those who are forced to undertake perilous journeys in search of safety. The absence of any visible means of support underscores the helplessness experienced by the person portrayed. They are a stark reminder of the countless others facing similar circumstances, battling against turbulent waves of uncertainty, violence, and persecution. This photograph serves as a powerful visual testament to the dangers faced by individuals who are caught in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. It compels us to confront the urgency of addressing the root causes behind forced displacement and to recognise our collective responsibility in providing assistance and protection to those in need. Let this image serve as a call to action, reminding us of the imperative to uphold the values of compassion and empathy. Every person stranded in the vastness of the ocean represents a plea for solidarity, demanding that we navigate the tides of adversity together

Ocean Boy

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