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Zoe Baer

Zoe Baer Portrait.jpeg

Zoe, born to a British artist and writer and a Swiss commedia dell’arte specialist and actor, spent her formative years amidst the enchantment of Paris. Immersed in a world rich with art, philosophy, and the timeless allure of Golden Age Hollywood cinema, Zoe's soul was irrevocably drawn to the visual arts.

Her academic voyage began in London, where she delved into the realms of Film & Media. Yet, the siren call of drawing and painting led her back to Paris to embrace the delicate craft of art restoration. Today, Zoe gracefully navigates her life between Paris and Luzern, basking in the artistic splendor that surrounds her.

Zoe's artistry with charcoal is nothing short of magical. She conjures intricate portraits of both animals and humans, her mastery of the medium allowing her to capture the essence and individuality of each subject. With deft strokes, she brings life to paper, rendering contours, textures, and shades with a precision that astonishes the beholder. The subtle gradations of charcoal lend a gentle, lifelike quality to skin, hair, and fur, imbuing her creations with depth and dimension. Truly, it is wondrous what can be achieved with mere black dust and paper.

Her creative arsenal is vast, spanning the vibrant oils of Rembrandt, Picasso, and Derain, to the delicate hues of watercolors and the stark elegance of charcoals. This diverse palette transforms her artistic playground into a boundless realm of possibilities. Though Zoe contends that replicating another's work lacks the originality of self-generated ideas, she views it as a revered exercise in honing her craft and honoring the masters she so deeply admires. These skillful recreations bring joy to those who might otherwise never encounter such masterpieces.

Zoe approaches her profession with humility, painstakingly preserving the authenticity of the original works while infusing them with a renewed vibrancy. Her paramount rule is to refrain from imposing her style or personality onto the paintings, allowing each piece to speak its own truth. Employing natural materials and traditional methods, she ensures that her restoration process resonates with the original artist's intent and style.Among her varied techniques, Zoe excels in the application of gold leaf to frames and wooden surfaces, adding a touch of timeless elegance to her repertoire. Through her hands, the past is lovingly preserved and revitalized, a testament to her profound connection with the world of art.

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