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Fatmir Tufina

Fatmir Tufina portrait photography

Born in 1960, in the heart of Albania, Fatmir Tufina's journey into the world of art was unlike any other. Living under the rigid structures of a communist regime, he was denied the basic freedom to express his raw emotions and fantasies through art. However, these restraints only fueled his passion further, turning him into a rebel artist, fighting against the suppressive reality, political turmoil, and the mundane challenges of daily life.

Fatmir believes that one should not be bound by the corners and frames set by societal norms or the conditions of their birth. His quote, "My works are a reaction against the 'limits' of the reality that attaches every one of us," speaks volumes about his ideology. He has always championed the idea that every individual should express their own feelings and thoughts to craft their unique reality.

Fatmir intricately weaves surrealism, cubism, nudism, expressionism, and abstraction into his creations. Using oil on canvas, his art resonates with a rich tapestry of styles and themes. With every stroke and shade, he strives to not just portray the things he sees but to capture the myriad of emotions they evoke within him. As he aptly puts it, "Through the canvas, I channel bravery; not mirroring the seen, but capturing the felt."


Fatmir's undeniable talent has been recognized on various global platforms. Some of his notable accolades include:

• Most liked artist (2017) in Istanbul, Turkey, where he received the first prize.

• Honors medal (2018) in Istanbul, where he was awarded the coveted medal.

• Nominated for the City of Art Award (2021) and the Art Museum of Chianciano Terme Award (2021) in London, where he was listed among the 25 best artists in the London Art Biennale 2021.

Over the years, Fatmir's work has graced numerous exhibitions, spreading his vision and perspective to art enthusiasts worldwide. Some significant exhibitions include:

• Tufina Art Gallery (2020) in Tirana, Albania.

• Paintings and ethnography exhibition (2019) at the Tirana-Biennial in Albania.

• Two palettes (2019) showcased at the Tirana Museum, Albania.

• Oil paintings and drawings (2000) in Dusseldorf, Germany.

• Cypres landscape and fantasy (2018) in Cypres, Turkey.

• Residenza dei pittori (2017) in Montecchio Emilia, Italy.

• Art and Culture (2014) in Istanbul, Turkey.

• London Art Biennale (2021) at Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, London, where he was a featured artist.

• Muri (2021) at the Tirana Museum in Albania.

• Gjendje (2022) at the ‘FAB’ GALLERY in Tirana, Albania.

• London Art Biennale (2023) at Chelsea Old Town Hall



From the confines of a communist Albania to the art galleries of London, Fatmir Tufina's journey as an artist is a testament to the undying human spirit and the power of art. Through his pieces, he not only showcases his unmatched talent but also a deep-rooted desire to break free from societal constraints and find one's voice. His works continue to inspire and provoke thought, embodying the essence of true art.

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