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"My paintings are a manifestation of my personal experiences and the memories they evoke. The power to recall and reflect on memories holds great importance to me, imbuing me with a strengthened sense of self. As an observant and curious individual, I delve into my own life experiences, translating them into visually captivating images through my artistic vision. me. It's easy." - Giovanni De Luca

Giovanni De Luca, born and raised in Italy, is a highly regarded artist known for his vivid and exuberant paintings. Now residing in Stein AG, Switzerland, his work is celebrated for its dynamism, vibrancy, and masterful use of color. His unique techniques, such as blending colors and textures, provide a unique visual experience that has earned him acclaim in the art world.

His works, abstract and filled with inventive elements such as pendulums, trapezes, and spinning machines, breathe life into the world, harmoniously blending with their surroundings. Inspired by Pablo Picasso's quote, De Luca firmly believes in the transformative power of the viewer's perception, acknowledging that each interpretation infuses his work with new life and emotion.


Drawing from personal experiences and world events, De Luca's pieces are emotional narratives, vividly rendering his feelings onto the canvas. An insatiable curiosity and deep love for life propel him to encapsulate the world around him through the strokes of his brush.


Facing a significant setback after a debilitating accident, De Luca experienced a period of several years when he could not paint. During this time, he struggled with pain and a loss of inspiration, making it challenging to find beauty in life. However, demonstrating remarkable resilience and determination, he reignited his passion for art, reinforcing the belief that "the journey is just as important as the destination."


Resuming his artistic voyage in 2019 after a long absence, De Luca rekindled his creativity, picking up his brush and paint to reclaim his status in the art world. His art continues to mirror his journey of self-discovery, crafting a world where obstacles transform into opportunities for growth and development.

His work offers not just a feast for the senses, but also a profound exploration of human resilience and creativity, marking De Luca as an artist of deep insight and extraordinary talent.

Artworks by G. De Luca

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