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A photo of the Artur Muharremi

Artur Muharremi was born in Pogradec, Albania, the 2nd of June 1958. He graduated the Academy of Fine Arts of Tirana while being under the supervision of distinguished artists such as  Prof. Agim Zajmi, Prof.Guri Madhi, Prof.Zef Shoshi etc.

Artur Muharremi is one of the most important contemporary painter. He started to create before the political changes leading Albania to democracy took place. With his well known painting 'Before Creation' (1989), Artur Muharremi was one of those very few artists, who shook off and warned the Albanian society of nineties against the crisis that was going to break.

With his painting “Before Creation” Artur Muharremi won the first prize in the National Competition of Fine Arts. He completed university studies of scenography and contributed actively and significantly as a painter and producer for the development transformation and qualitative amelioration of the animated film.

The social changes that had started on the beginning of nineties have found him as one of the most outstanding personalities of Albanian animated film and as one of the most promising painters of the new generation.



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