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Hella Ridder portrait photography

Born in Daun in the Eifel in 1974 and discovered as an artist as a teenager, Hella Ridder received individual support early on and was accompanied in her personal development until around 2001 by the German artist H. Roetter.


The artist turned to abstract painting as an emotionally and intuitively guided means of expression as early as this first creative period.


On the solid foundation of artistic training, an individual style and characteristic style quickly developed, which are based on the continuous development of new forms of expression and experiences with the aim of constantly changing artistic creation in abstraction. The observation of nature as well as the observation of human emotionality as a source of inspiration remain constant companions.


The artist, whose works are presented both internationally and nationally and are in demand by art collectors, now lives in Dortmund and Bergisch Gladbach after having stayed in Istanbul, Rheinbreitbach and Bonn.


01/2021: Azaro Artspace, Hamburg/Germany
03/2021: M.A.D.S., Milano/Italy
04/2021: Radison Blue, Hanover/Germany (Solo)
04/2021: World Art Fair/Dubai
05/2021: Stage Gallery, Köln/Germany
06/2021: Focus Art Fair, Paris/Frankreich
06/2021: Galerie Makowski, Berlin/Germany
07/2021: ART MUC, München/Germany
08/2021: Affordable Art, Hongkong/China
09/2021: Volta Art Fair Basel, Basel/Schweiz
12/2021: Volta Art Fair Miami/USA
12/2021: Barcelona Art Fair, Barcelona/Spain
02/2022: Art fair Singapore/Singapore
03/2022: Hilton, Bonn/Germany (Solo)

First exhibitions:

1990: Die Werkstatt, Erfweiler/Germany.
2000: Wald-Café, Bonn/Germany" (Solo)

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