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A photo of Martine Alison

“My painting is a technique developed through hard work, it is the expression of a lifetime.

You have to have lived, accumulated experiences, stored images, discovered freedom, found happiness and agree to say... say with your brush...emotions.

There is no secret, there is only authenticity, you don't have to search. You have to BE... BE without reserve, without constraint.It's life that sculpted me like this, I didn't invent anything, I execute."  Martine Alison

Martine Alison is a figurative painter from France. Martine Alison initially worked in the medical field. At the same time, she continued to develop her artistic expression through oil, watercolor and pastel. She held numerous exhibitions in France and abroad and then decided to devote herself entirely to painting.

Martine Alison is both a painter of exuberance and intimacy. She is attached to nature and colours.Her outdoor scenes are teeming with thriving plants, rich in color and life. Her paintings, of an astonishing richness of inspiration, reveal to us a world strewn with dreams at the limit of the naive and lead us towards a delicate sensuality.

The finesse of her brushwork, the originality of her painting will not fail to attract the attention and interest of visitors. From each canvas sounds and noises seem to emerge.


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